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Autonics / Autonics Auto door sensor / Type : ADS-AF

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ADS-A Series is the door sensor with attractive design and essential performance of door sensor. It has selectable stop time (2 / 7 / 15sec) and 4 steps variable function for front sensing area to realize the best sensing solution for user work environment. Also, it is suitable to user by wide range of power supply for user convenience.

*Stop time selection function
 (Selectable stop time 2 / 7 / 15sec.)
*4 steps variable function for front sensing area
 (7.5°, 14.5°, 21.5°, 28.5° 4steps variable)
*Right/Left sensing area elimination function
*Simple design and various cover color
  -Standard : Silver
  -Option : Black, White, Bronze, Nickel)
*Wide range of power supply
 (24-240VAC/24-240VDC, 12-24VAC/12-24VDC)
*Built-in Microprocessor

Datasheet :